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Repeat Offender Registration Status Inquiry

This Web site allows dealers and others to verify if a vehicle purchaser can be denied registration under Michigan's "Repeat Offender Law" (MCL 257.219). The law prohibits people whose driver’s license is suspended or revoked from buying or transferring a license plate. It also prohibits the Department of State from registering any vehicle owned, co-owned, leased, or co-leased by drivers subject to registration denial.

The Web site verifies if the name, date of birth (DOB), and driver’s license number or state identification card number appearing on a Michigan driver’s license or state identification card match department records.

To check each vehicle purchaser's eligibility for a registration and verify that their Michigan driver’s license or state identification card is a valid document, follow the instructions below to complete the form.

Remember to check each purchaser's eligibility for vehicle registration.

This site will return one of three responses to your inquiry:

  • Record found. This purchaser is currently eligible for vehicle registration.
  • Record found. This purchaser is currently not eligible for vehicle registration.
  • No driver’s license or state identification card record found with this number, name, and DOB.

1. Enter the customer's name exactly as it appears on the driver's license or state identification card.

Customer Name:


Enter the customer's date of birth as it appears on the driver's license or state identification card.

Date of Birth:

 /  /  (Month/Day/Year)

Enter either the driver's license number or state identification card number as it appears on the driver's license or state identification card without spaces or dashes.

Driver's License Number:

State Identification Card Number:


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